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The Department of Asian Studies offers courses with topics arranged under our rubrics of "Literature & Linguistics", "Religion", and "Society & Culture", as well as offering more broad courses under our "General Education" heading and more specialized courses such as honors or graduate classes. Additionally,associated faculty throughout the university teach courses exploring issues in the politics, economics, history, culture, and development of different Asian regions. Some of these may be cross-listed with us, but many courses offered in other departments and not cross-listed still count toward the Asian Studies major. Consult with the DUS for further details or contact

Information on Language Placement Exams

Fall Courses:

Organizational meetings for courses listed as TBA for Fall.

Department of Asian Studies Course Offerings Fall 2016

Cornell University Course and Time Roster Fall 2016

Spring Courses:

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Asian Studies:

Courses with the prefix ASIAN fall under one of our four main categories (General Education, Literature and Linguistics, Religion, Society and Culture) or our other special categories (e.g., First-year Writing Seminars, honors, or graduate courses). They are generally taught in English and require no knowledge of any Asian language.

First-year Writing Seminars; General Education ; Literature & Linguistics ; Religion ; Society & Culture ; Honors and Supervised Readings;
Graduate Courses

Asian Literature:

These classes typically require previous knowledge of an Asian language, usually beyond the second- or third-year level.

Chinese Literature; Japanese Literature; Korean Literature; Sanskrit Literature; Vietnamese Literature

Asian Languages:

The department offers instruction in many of the major and lesser-taught languages of Asia starting from the introductory level.

Bengali; Burmese; Chinese; Hindi; Indonesian; Japanese; Khmer; Korean; Nepali; Pali; Punjabi; Sanskrit; Sinhala; Tagalog; Tamil; Thai; Tibetan; Urdu; Vietnamese; Please note that Asian 2225 Distance Learning, and Nepali offered by Asian Studies are listed under "Special Programs" in the Summer Sessions On-Line Course Catalog, other courses may be listed under 3wk, 6wk, or 8wk sessions. These courses are offered through the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.

To see descriptions of all of the courses offered through the Department of Asian Studies, go to Cornell University Courses of Study