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Undergraduate Honors

For information on Honors Guidelines see the Honors Page

Titles of Recent Honors Theses:

    Saving China through Philosophy: New Confucians and the Formation of a Nationalistic Movement

    The Relationship between Korean Literature written in the native land and Korean American Literature written by immigrants

    A Separate Transmission: The contextual evolution of the Ch'an School of Chinese Buddhism

    Bicycle Rights: The Floating Population and State-Society Relations in Modern China

    Tasogare Seibei: Social Critique of Modern Japan Through the Edo Period

    Contemporary Satire in Chinese Literature

    Japanese Hip-Hop: The Debate of Authenticity and the Reality of Its Presence

    ASEAN: Prospects for Regionalism in Southeast Asia

    Ideological Forces Surrounding China's Clinical Legal Education

    Mobile China: The Implications of SMS on Chinese Civil Society

    The Other Great Wall

    Cultural Constructions: Crossing or Reifying Boundaries? A Study of the Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia

    Stopping the Bomb: Taiwan's Clandestine Nuclear Weapons Program and the Role of US Diplomacy

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