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CHIN 1160: Introductory Intensive Mandarin Chinese
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameStephanie Divo, Director
Room388A Rockefeller
Office HoursM 3-4 p.m.; Th 1:00-3:00
No prior experience in Chinese is necessary. Formal application to the IMPAC Program is required ( Applications and supporting documents should be received by March 1st. After this deadline, applications are considered provided space is available.
Course Objectives
This course is only offered in the summer. It is a nine-week intensive, 8 credit course that meets Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It is designed for students with no previous experience in Chinese whatsoever. This course involves work on all four skills: speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing, although its emphasis is on speaking and listening. Lectures on linguistics and cultural matters, intensive practice with native speakers, and laboratory work prepare students for an intermediate level of study. Students who complete this course with a grade of B+ or higher are eligible to enroll in CHIN 2201 the following fall.
Course Audience
Admission is open to all Cornell students. Students from other institutions and professionals are also encouraged to apply. No prior experience in required for 1160.
Related Courses
  • CHIN 2201: Intermediate Mandarin I
    Cornell students who complete CHIN 1160 (IMPAC) with a grade of B+ or higher are qualified to continue into Chinese 2201 the following fall.
Language Requirement
No prior language exposure or experience is required for this course. Cornell students may choose to take Summer IMPAC as part of their degree programs. Students from other institutions should consult their advisers to determine if the credits are applicable to their degree program. This course also serves to fulfill a portion of the language requirement for the M.A. in Asian Studies and the joint M.B.A./M.A. in Asian Studies.
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