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ASIAN 2215: Introduction to South Asia
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameAnne M. Blackburn
RoomRockefeller 346
Office HoursSee syllabus & Blackboard site
No prerequisite
Course Objectives
ASIAN 2215 is an interdisciplinary introduction to the cultures and histories of South Asia, with special attention to religion, political authority, and the arts, as well as problems connected to gender and development. We look briefly at South Asian migration as well. Many sections of the course focus on questions of identity and belonging, looking at how people do, and have, express(ed) their relationship to places and social groups. Assignments will allow you to explore matters of particular interest, against the backdrop of collective readings, lectures, and discussions. This course is suitable for students not majoring in Asian Studies. Students with more specialized interests in Asia, and Asian Studies are also welcome. See the instructor if you would like suggestions for more focused or advanced readings in any section of the course.
Course Audience
This course is designed for undergraduate students of all majors and concentrations who have an interest in the cultures of Southern Asia.
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