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Indonesian Language At Cornell
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Torajan house, Sulawesi, photo by Bank
Language Contact Person: Jolanda Pandin
Phone: 607-255-0685
Office: 180 Rockefeller
Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of the archipelagic Indonesian country, spoken throughout the seventeen thousand islands by over 200 million Indonesians with diverse backgrounds. It was originally the Malay language spoken for trading purposes, then growing to be a lingua franca for the archipelago.

Bahasa Indonesia, with its simple nature as a genderless and tenseless language, has been connecting and developing various peoples of different regions, cultures, ethnic languages, histories, and belief systems as the Indonesian nation since 1945.

For many English native speakers, therefore, it is not unusual to master Bahasa Indonesia up to an intermediate level within one academic year. The mastery equips them with skills to deal with daily conversations with Indonesian natives from various regions and cultures.

The Indonesian Language At Cornell
Indonesian is offered at all levels from the elementary to the advanced. Classes are small and can be tailored to individual student needs.

Elementary Indonesian
(MTW 7:40-8:30 AM, R 4:20-5:10 PM) in 180 Rockefeller Hall

Indonesian 1121 and 1122, four credits each, introduce the student to conversational modern Indonesian with related cultural insights. They deal with important grammatical features of standard Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia baku) and its syntax and morphology. They also develop reading and writing skills commensurate with the studentsí speaking ability. At the end of the year the student is expected to be able to express his/her daily needs, discuss everyday topics and read simple authentic texts.

The use of Mac computer-based materials, available at Noyes Lab, accompanies the student's language study. This avenue assists the student to go on with intermediate Indonesian.

Intermediate Indonesian
(M 4:30-5:20 PM, TR 9:05-9:55 AM) in 180 Rockefeller Hall

INDO 2201 and 2202, three credits each, are intermediate Indonesian courses. They deal further with Indonesian grammar and vocabulary development as well as expanding speaking, listening and writing skills with commonly accepted cultural awareness. The student is to a) be exposed to simple real-life issues in complex phrases and sentences; b) given selected authentic reading materials and some guided interviews for class discussion in order to apply the newly learnt patterns; c) practice to express ideas or opinion in short compositions based on the reading texts and video materials.

Advanced Indonesian - Shared Initiatives' course with Columbia
(MW 10:15-11:30 AM) in 180 Rockefeller Hall

INDO 3301 and 3302, three credits each, are high intermediate or low advanced Indonesian courses. They focus on various issues related to the students' research interests. The instructor assists the study by providing and developing materials on the chosen theme from articles, journals, books and AV collections in order to upgrade students' Indonesian speaking, listening, writing and grammar to a solid advanced level. The student is to a) study and discuss the provided materials; b) make weekly presentations on material of his/her choice. The course meetings are arranged according to the students' needs.

Directed Study
(Permission should be obtained from head of the Asian Studies Department and instructor.)

INDO 4431 and 4432, 1-4 credits each, are courses designed especially to hone language proficiency for academic performance and/or research purposes.

Elements of INDO Lang/Culture
(M 3:30-4:20 PM) in 180 Rockefeller Hall

INDO 1100, one credit and only offered in fall, is a jumpstart course designed for students with no previous knowledge of Indonesian language who expect to participate in university programs in Indonesian-speaking areas of the world. Students will learn enough phrases to be able to handle very simple interactions and express very simple needs. The class will be run mostly in Indonesian language. Emphasis will be on behaving appropriately in Indonesian settings, with regard to language use and other behavior. Through out-of-class readings, students will also gain an understanding of the history and current place of Indonesian in Southeast Asia. The credit hour of this course does not count for the Arts College language requirement.

Cornell Area Program Affiliation: Southeast Asia Program
  • Summer classes at SEASSI
    For US-located beginning, intermediate, and advanced level classes, Cornell and other members of the SEASSI (Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute) Consortium support an eight-week intensive Indonesian training program that has been held by UW-Madison. For further information, click
  • Summer classes at COTI
    For in-country intermediate and advanced level classes, Cornell and other 12 members of the COTI (Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian) offer an eight-week intensive program hosted by the UKSW (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana) in Salatiga, Indonesia. For further information, click

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