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JAPAN 2260: Intermediate Intensive Japanese
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameRobert Sukle, Director
Room388B Rockefeller
Office Hours2:30-3:30 M-F
Formal application to the FALCON Program is required as well as JAPAN 1160 or placement by the FALCON staff before the beginning of the fall semester ( Applications and supporting documents should be received by March 1st. After this deadline, applications are considered provided space is available.
Course Objectives
This course is the second semester of FALCON's Japanese program. Students work on spoken and written Japanese at the intermediate level, allowing students to develop fluency, accuracy, and control that are not achieved in other academic settings. This is a full-time academic program that meets Monday through Friday from 9:05 am to 4:30 pm, with 13 hours per day of self-directed practice in Cornell's Language Resource Center. The demands of this 16 credit program do not normally permit students to take other courses simultaneously.
Course Audience
Admission is open to all qualified students wishing to pursue intensive language study for the full academic year. Students from other institutions and professionals are also encouraged to apply.
Related Courses
  • JAPAN 1160: Introductory Intensive Japanese
    This course is the first semester of FALCON's Japanese program and is only offered in the summer. This is a nine-week intensive, 8 credit course beginning from an absolutely introductory level introducing the spoken and written language. Lectures on linguistics and cultural matters, intensive practice with native speakers, and laboratory work prepare students for an intermediate level of study.
  • JAPAN 3360: Advanced Intensive Japanese
    This course is the third semester of FALCON's Japanese program. It work on spoken and written Japanese from an intermediate level to an advanced level. This is a full-time program with a full 16 credit academic load.
Language Requirement
Cornell students may choose to take all or part of FALCON as part of their degree programs. Students from other institutions should consult their advisers to determine if the credits are applicable to their degree program. This course sequence also serves to fulfill the language requirement for the M.A. in Asian Studies and the joint M.B.A./M.A. in Asian Studies.

Please note undergraduate students must pay College of Arts and Sciences tuition rates while graduate students are required to pay profession school tuition rates (

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