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Japanese Language At Cornell
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Mt. Fuji, November 27, 2004
Language Contact Person: Misako Chapman
Phone: (607) 255-0289
Office: 375 Rockefeller Hall
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Japanese is the main language spoken in the Japanese archipelago by a population of over 100 million and the second most widely used language on the internet. The standard spoken language is characterized, among other features, by five fairly clear vowels and an intriguing grammatical system. The writing system combines kanji (Chinese characters) with katakana (clerical) and hiragana (cursive) elements, Japanese scripts derived from kanji.


The Japanese Language At Cornell
The Department of Asian Studies offers courses in Japanese from elementary to advanced levels with instruction in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Intermediate and upper level courses provide opportunities to discuss current issues or to read modern and contemporary Japanese writings including newspaper and literary texts.

Cornell Area Program Affiliation: East Asia Program
  • Yasuko Nakanishi Japanese Language Studies Fund
    The Yasuko Nakanishi Japanese Language Studies Fund has been established in memory of Yasuko Nakanishi Whitman, Senior Lecturer of Japanese in the Department of Asian Studies at Cornell University who passed away Friday, August 4, 2006. Yasuko began teaching Japanese at Cornell in 1988 and in 2000 she was awarded a prestigious university-wide Clark Teaching Award, a tribute of her dedication to the students who studied with her. Contributions in her memory may be made to the Yasuko Nakanishi Japanese Language Studies Fund, Cornell University, c/o Catheryn Obern, Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development, 130 East Seneca Street, Suite 440, Ithaca, NY 14850.
  • Robert Smith Prize
    We are pleased to announce that a gift from Russ Mann ('91) has allowed us to establish the Robert Smith Prize for the Most Promising First-Year Japanese Language Students. Recipients will be announced in mid-May of each year.

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