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KOREA 1109-1110: Elementary Korean Reading & Writing I & II
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NameJi Hye Lee
Room388B Rockefeller
Students must be able to speak Korean at the elementary level and take a placement test to enroll. The test takes about 30 minutes and can be taken online any time at .
Course Objectives

Course Description: KOREA 1109 and 1110 are designed for Korean heritage students who already have some level of speaking and listening competence in Korean, but have limited linguistic proficiency of reading and writing in Korean. The course provides students with basic conversational and grammatical patterns, assuming that students have previous background knowledge of Korean language and culture. The course aims to equip students with communicative skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Korean. Specifically, students will develop their reading and writing skills through short stories, essays and folktales.

Course Objectives: In this course, two textbooks will be used: “Integrated Korean Beginning 2” and “Frog’s Tears and Other Stories”. The first textbook will systematically introduce grammar points, and students will be able to command a discourse regarding birthday, dormitory, family, shopping, hobbies and so on. The second textbook will introduce Korean language and culture through Korea’s folktales. Students should be able to summarize and reflect on their readings both in oral and written modes. Students will be able to improve linguistic accuracy and reduce error production in their speaking and writing. In addition, students will be able to understand and produce the commonly used idiomatic expressions in Korean.

Course Audience
This course is designed to meet the need of the heritage students who have had no or very little prior knowledge of reading and writing in Korean.
Course Syllabus
First Assignment
Refer to the syllabus.
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