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KOREA 2201-2202: Intermediate Korean I & II
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameJi-hye Lee
RoomRCK 388B
Phone(607) 255-9301
KOR2201: Successful completion of Korea 1102 or by a placement test.
KOR2202: Successful completion of Korea 2201 or by a placement test.

Course Objectives
Korea 2201/2202 is an intermediate all-skills course:
1. to develop oral fluency and sophistication,
2. to develop reading and writing ability, and
3. to gain knowledge of Korea and its culture.

Course meets:
MTWRF 1:25~2:15 URH 331

Course Audience
Korea 2201/2202 is an all-skills course designed for students who would like to develop fluency, sophistication and appropriate use of language in various situations. The course introduces authentic reading and viewing texts in order to present Korea and its culture in context.
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Language Requirement
Completion of Korea 2201 satisfies proficiency requirement.
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