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KOREA 2209-2210: Intermediate Korean Reading & Writing I & II
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameMeejeong Song
RoomRCK 123
Office HoursTuesdays 1:30-2:20
Korea 1109-1110, or online placement test (
Students must be able to speak and write in Korean at an intermediate level.

Course Objectives
1. To provide intermediate reading and writing skills.
2. To provide basic Chinese characters and Korean proverbs.
3. To develop knowledge and understanding of Korea and its

Course Audience
KOR2209/2210 is designed to meet the need of some heritage students who have had some knowledge of reading and writing in Korean.
Course Syllabus
First Assignment
Refer to the syllabus.
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Language Requirement
Korea 2210 satisfies proficiency portion of the language requirement.
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