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KOREA 3301-3302: High Intermediate Korean I & II
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameJi-hye Lee
RoomRCK 388B
Office HoursTBA
Successful completion of Korea 2202,2210 or by a placement test.
Course Objectives
1. To improve language skills: emphasis is on enriching
vocabulary through reading authentic materials.
2. To enhance students'understanding of Korea and its culture:
a brief survey of Korean history and the dominant belief
systems of each period are introduced through stories, poems
and other materials.

Course Audience
Korea 3301/3302 is for students who want to further develop their language skills and enrich cultural understanding of Korea through reading/viewing authentic texts, and discussing and writing about related topics.
First Assignment
Refer to the course syllabus and schedule.
Language Program Page: The Korean language program
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