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KOREA 3301-3302: High Intermediate Korean I & II
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NameJi Hye Lee
RoomRCK 388B
Successful completion of Korea 2202,2210 or by a placement test.
Course Objectives

Course Description: KOREA 3301 and 3302 aim to help students achieve high levels of proficiency by introducing a wide range of authentic reading materials. This content-based course will deal with reading materials from writings in various genres and styles such as newspaper editorials, columns, essays, movie scenarios, and TV news clips, short stories, and other literary writings. Students will learn various aspects of Korean culture and society. Students will build your vocabulary and speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency toward the high intermediate level.

Course Objectives: In this course, students will be able to express their opinions during a class discussion on a wide variety of issues. The topics will include health the information age, Valentine’s day, a culture of advertisements, and a Korean folktale, Hungbu and Nolbu. Students will also be able to understand and produce the commonly used proverbs in Korean.

Course Audience
Korea 3301/3302 is for students who want to further develop their language skills and enrich cultural understanding of Korea through reading/viewing authentic texts, and discussing and writing about related topics.
Course Syllabus
First Assignment
Refer to the course syllabus and schedule.
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