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KOREA 4401-4402: Advanced Korean I - II
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Instructor Contact Info:
NameMeejeong Song
Room123 Rockefeller
Office HoursTuesday 1:30-2:20 or by appointment
Successful completion of KOREA 2210 or KOREA3302, or by a placement test
Course Objectives
Course Description:
This course is designed for the students who have completed the intermediate level of Korean, to acquire advanced language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) on Content-Based Instruction and Individualized Language Teaching. Students will gain profound knowledge in various fields of Korea: Current issues in Korean society, Korean people’s thoughts and mind, tradition, history and culture, through discussion and composition. Students will watch various Korean TV documentary programs outside the classroom and discuss on the topics in class. And they will be frequently asked to lead a discussion on the topic of their assigned lesson and TV documentary program. Finally, students will learn to read and write basic Chinese characters and idiomatic expressions mainly consisted in 4 Chinese characters for better control of language in a professional way.

Course Objectives:
The goal of this course, through continuous discussion and composition, is that students will communicate their knowledge of Korean history and society with confidence. Building up professional vocabulary and enhancing both speaking and writing skills will be the essence of this course. Students will frequently discuss on the topics and write essays on the topics after discussion. Then students will meet with the instructor individually to revise their essays. In addition, usage of idiomatic expressions and words from Chinese characters will allow students to be advanced to near native Korean in communication.

Course Syllabus
First Assignment
Refer to the course schedule.
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