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Japanese Literature At Cornell
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Contact Person: Erin Kotmel
Phone: 254-5091
Office: 350 Rockefeller Hall
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Japanese Literature
This category designates courses in which assigned readings and/or visual material are in Japanese.

For undergraduates, most of these courses may be used to fulfill distribution requirements in the humanities, in literature and the arts, historical analysis, or cultural analysis. These courses are not designed to fulfill undergraduate language requirements. For courses in Japanese designed to fulfill undergraduate language requirements, please refer to the courses prefixed JAPAN. For courses in Japanese literature, thought and religion offered in English translation, please refer to courses listed under the prefix ASIAN.

Japanese Literature At Cornell
The program is designed to provide students with a sound foundation in the study of literature and languages in Japan, covering many different historical periods. Primary emphasis is on the reading knowledge of modern Japanese, the acquaintance with various styles and genres of pre-modern texts, and the students conversational competence in contemporary Japanese for academic purposes.

The program ascribes great value to critical and theoretical approaches to the range of topics that is wide in terms of historical as well as disciplinary breadth: regular courses on Japanese intellectual history, film, literature, gender, social history, theater, mass media, religions, education, calligraphy, nationalism, and East Asian popular culture are offered at the 3300, 4400 and 6600 levels. Visiting faculty members have taught advanced courses in other fields such as urban studies, art history, minority studies, and women’s literature.

Introductory and advanced language course as well as courses on pre-modern bungo and kanbun are offered annually. Those advanced students who seek to study texts in specific fields are encouraged to take 4400 and 6600 level reading courses for additional proficiency.

Directed study is available, by permission of an instructor, to students engaged in research on a specific topic at the 6600 level courses in Asian Studies (ASIAN) and Japanese Literature, and the program recommends advanced students pursue their study in an interdisciplinary direction, beyond the confines of area studies.

Cornell Area Program Afilliation: East Asia Program
The East Asia Program represents the faculty of all disciplines at Cornell University devoted to the study of East Asia and provides support for students, library collections, publications, and research and teaching on the socieities of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

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