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Thai Language At Cornell
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Wat Hua Lamphong, Rama IV Road. (Bangkok, 2001)
Photographer: Kriengkrai Waiyakij [courtesy via Chiranan Prasertkul]

Language Contact Person: Ngampit Jagacinski
Phone: 607-255-3099
Office: Rockefeller Hall 186
For questions contact
Thai language:
Official language based on Bangkok speech; an analytic language with 5 tones; Indic derived alphabetic writing system; Pali-Sanskrit loanwords form a large part of vocabulary;

Some English names written in Thai script:

Linda ลินดา Rachel เรเชล Mary แมรี่
Susan ซูซาน Dianne ไดแอน Erin เอริน
Jones โจนส์ Frances ฟรานซิส Liz ลิซ
Rebecca รีเบคคา Nancy แนนซี่ Anne แอนน์
Babara บาบาร่า Theresa เทเรซ่า Irene ไอรีน
Helen เฮเลน Kristin คริสติน Jane เจน
Yolandaโยลันดา Gretchen เกร็ทเช็น Kim คิม
Allen แอลเล็น Matthew แมทธิว Bob บ็อบ
Steve สตีฟ John จอห์น Joeโจ
Bill บิลล์ William วิลเลียม Peter ปีเตอร์
Richard ริชาร์ด Danial แดเนียล Eric เอริค
Gary แกรี่ Andrew แอนดรู Paul พอล
Mark มาร์ค David เดวิด Harry แฮรี่
Ben เบ็น Anthonyแอนโทนี่ Nick นิค

The Thai Language At Cornell
Learning Thai at Cornell
Beginning Thai consists of 2 sequential classes, T1101 and T1102. The 2 semesters in Fall and Spring offer a unique learning experience for students to acquire basic “survival” skills while fulfilling an undergraduate language requirement within one year. Both courses use visual aids with a communicative, task-based approach to enable students to think in Thai and learn to “get around” in various situations in daily life.

Intermediate Thai is an expansion of the first-year basic skills for solid grounding and for enhancing creativity in language use. The second-year courses are also for heritage students who may have some spoken skill but lack reading and writing skills.

Advanced, third-year Thai will further develop creativity toward each student’s own interests. Special reading courses to get acquainted with Thai literature are also offered. Additionally, there are Directed Study courses at the fourth-year level for individual projects.

Aside from the 4 level courses above, there is a prep course, T1100, for short-term visitors to Thailand. T1100 combines some basic Thai language and culture for background understanding of Thai society. Khun Kriengkrai Waiyakij’s image of Wat Hualamphong temple amidst modern surroundings in the above picture vividly portrays the co-existence of the old and new in present day Thailand. T1100 is appropriate for researchers as well as for those who have a general interest in Thailand.

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Cornell Area Program Affiliation: Southeast Asia Program
  • Organizational meeting for all Thai classes
    Location: Rockefeller Hall 186
    Time: First day of semester at 4:30pm

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