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Hong Huang

Senior Lecturer
Chinese Language (Cantonese)

(M.A., City College of New York CUNY)

355 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 255-1338


Ms. Huang was brought up in Guangzhou (Canton), China in a Cantonese family. She received her education from primary school through college study in Chinese in Guangzhou and Beijing in China. As a result, Ms. Huang feels equally comfortable in speaking, reading and writing in Cantonese, her mother tongue, and Mandarin, the language for her education and work in China.

Ms. Huang once worked in China as a newspaper reporter and editor for Hainan Daily in Guangdong Province of China and later as a professional and certified interpreter and translator in the Chinese and English languages in Beijing for over fifteen years. After she came to the US, Ms. Huang worked as a Chinese newspaper reporter and editor for a Chinese newspaper "China Press" (Qiaobao) in New York City. In 2000, Ms. Huang started to teach Cantonese as a lecturer at Cornell University. In 2007, Ms. Huang was promoted to the Senior Lecturer position.

Ms. Huang has great interest in foreign language learning and teaching. It started in her learning of English as a foreign language in China at her early age. It continued to contribute a lot to her decision to take linguistics as her major for her MA study as well as to her teaching at Cornell University.

Between the years of 2000 to 2008, Ms. Huang developed and published six course packets for Cantonese teaching, of which the "Guide book for Cantonese Characters learning" was reprinted twice and the "Workbook for Cantonese Romanization" was reprinted three times, both adding substantial new contents to the new printing. Ms. Huang has also developed new supplementary teaching materials for her Cantonese classes.

Ms. Huang is a member of the Chinese Language Teaching Association (CLTA) and ACTFL (American Council for The Teaching of Foreign Language).

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  • Updated 07/27/2015