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Janice Kanemitsu

Assistant Professor
Japanese Literature

(Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley)

347 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 245-6738

Janice received her undergraduate degree in Dance as a Performing Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received both her M.A. degree (Asian Studies, emphasis: Japan) and Ph.D. degree (Japanese Literature and Culture) from the University of California, Berkeley, where her research on late medieval and early modern Japan focused on the popularization of literary classics and literacy, publishing, and the commercialization of theater. She completed her dissertation, titled "Extraordinary Exemplars in the Period Pieces of Chikamatsu Monzaemon," in 2008.

Research interests broadly encompass literature and theater in Japan's early modern period, centering on the generic boundaries of historical narratives and period plays, representations of exemplarity and counter-exemplarity on page and stage, and the intersection of print and performance as a site of literary and cultural transmission, parody and social satire, and representation of gender, exaggerated and reversed. Her present project will expand her previous research on publishing and Kinpira jōruri (a genre of period plays for the puppet theater).


  • ASIAN 1103: FWS: Japan Performs! Myth, Storytelling, and Dorama (fall)
  • JPLIT 4406: Intro to Classical Japanese (fall)
  • ASIAN 2240: Love, War, and the Supernatural in Premodern Japan
  • JPLIT 4408: Readings in Classical Japanese (spring)
  • Updated 08/26/2013