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Language Resource Center

Events of 2017-2018

March 2-4
Friday March 2 through Sunday March 4
Conference of the Northeast Association of Language Learning and Technology

This popular regional conference is returning to Ithaca for the third time in 10 years. It was last held in Ithaca in 2013. This is a fairly small friendly conference of language teachers from around the Northeast talking about their teaching practice. It is an opportunity to hear about theoretical and practical ideas of other teachers and to have conversation about language teaching, particularly related to technology use.
March 14
Wednesday, March 14, 4pm, Stimson G25
Followed by reception

María Carreira, Professor of Spanish
California State University Long Beach

"Principles and Practices of Heritage Language Teaching and Project-Based Learning: What every language teacher should know"
This workshop will give an overview of the research that informs current approaches to heritage language (HL) teaching, focusing on how life experiences impact the development of HL grammars and which aspects of linguistic knowledge should be targeted for instruction. Following this overview, it will present a model of project-based learning that is responsive to the needs of heritage language learners. Sample projects will be presented and possible modifications will be considered.
March 15
Thursday, March 15, 2pm, Stimson G25
Followed by reception

María Carreira, Professor of Spanish
California State University Long Beach

"Project-Based Learning: Creating projects that help students develop language for real-world contexts"
This workshop will take participants through the step-by-step process of creating projects for HL-only as well as mixed classes (classes with HL and second language learners). Participants will learn how to select project topics and materials, how to structure the creation of products for students at different levels of proficiency, and how to assess learning.
April 13
Friday, April 13, 4pm, Stimson G25
Followed by reception

María Luisa Parra, Senior Preceptor in Romance Languages and Literatures
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Harvard University

"Art in the Language Classroom"
May 11
Friday, May 11, 9am-12pm Stimson G25
Followed by lunch

LRC Spring Workshop