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Language Resource Center

Events of 2015-2016

September 23

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Examining the Nature of Disabilities and meeting the Varied Needs of Learners

Mary Wight, Ph.D. University of Buffalo

Wednesday, September 23, 4pm, Noyes Lodge

Reception before and after the talk
This session aims to support language educators at the post-secondary level in developing inclusive language learning environments that support language and cultural acquisition by all students. Educators will be provided with better understandings of specific disabilities, their impacts on language learning, and specific strategies and resources available to meet those needs in an inclusive manner. This workshop will allow educators time to reflect on their own inclusive practices as well as brainstorm on a case study example with colleagues.

Recommended Reading: Wight, M.C.S. (2015). Students with learning disabilities in the foreign language learning environment and the practice of exemption. Foreign Language Annals, 48 (1), 39-55.
October 22

Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 12pm with lunch in Noyes G5
and at 4:30pm with reception in Noyes classroom
Same program repeated noon and afternoon

World Readiness Standards: Paradoxes, Perils and Predicaments

Gyanam Mahajan, Chair Language Committee
Department of Asian Languages and cultures, UCLA

Thursday, October 22, Lunch from 12-2 and 4:30pm, Noyes Lodge
Reception before and after the talk

In this talk I will discuss some Paradoxes, Perils and Predicaments faced by Language teaching faculty in general and instructors of LCTLs in specific. Most language instructors are asked to juggle different pedagogical approaches, constantly update technological teaching aids, balance the changing needs of their students and maintain academic excellence through a rigorous curriculum at a University. We will discuss some basic issues that arise with the World Readiness Standards in LCTLs. I will suggest language internal i-Cs vs. language external e-Cs as an efficient way to incorporate the Five Cs in our University curriculum.
November 2

Monday, November 2, 2015

Foreign Language Literacy as Design and Play

Chantelle Warner
Associate Professor, University of Arizona; Co-director of CERCLL

Monday, November 2, 4pm, Noyes Lodge

Reception before and after the talk
Over the past couple of decades, SLA has seen an increased interest in the role of various kinds of play in language use and learning. This scholarship has contributed to a sense among many scholars that play is integral to a model of the language learner as a multicompetent, symbolically aware user of a second or foreign language. This presentation brings the body of work on L2 play and learning into dialogue with another growing discourse in the field, namely, multiliteracies frameworks and their dominant model of language use as meaning design. Drawing from the presenter's research in L2 computer-mediated communication, digital game play, and learner engagements with literary texts, the talk will pose questions about how we define advanced foreign language abilities and what it means to read, write, and respond to texts in foreign and second language pedagogical contexts. The talk will conclude by describing a current pedagogical project, Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday, which seeks to operationalize expanded models of L2 literacy in pedagogical practice and classroom-based research.

Recommended readings:
Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday. Joanna Luks, Chantelle Warner, Carl Blyth (project leaders).
Warner, C. (2004). "It's just a game, right? Types of play in foreign language CMC." Language Learning & Technology, 8 (2), 69-87.
Warner, C. (2014). "Mapping New Classrooms in Literacy-Oriented Foreign Language Teaching and Learning: The Role of the Reading Experience." Chapter in Transforming postsecondary foreign language teaching in the United States. Katherine Arens, Janet Swaffar and Per Urlaub, editors. Heidelberg/New York: Springer.

Here is an newsletter from COERLL (The Texas Austin center for open educational resources) that relates to several topics in this talk, with articles about the Arizona national center, CERCLL and a short piece about Joanna Luks use of Open Educational Resources.
December 8

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
LRC Fall Workshop
10am- 12:00pm, followed by light lunch
Noyes Lodge
LRC topics:
  • The status of the LRC MOVE to Stimson.
  • Plans for changes in space use at Noyes Lodge.
  • News from the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning.
  • Distance Learning Training Program for graduate students.
  • FLAC and Jumpstart courses; language support for abroad programs.
  • Used computer sales
Next, Dan Gaibel will demonstrate the platform the LRC is adopting to take the place of our LRC web page tools. Here is a sample page for the workshop. He will also discuss the sunset schedule and procedure for other tools.

Finally, Dick will introduce Zaption, a well-designed platform for presenting video in a pedagogical setting. Attendees will have some time to try it out and we'll discuss pricing issues.
February 24