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Language Resource Center
September 8

Friday September 8, 4:30pm
Physical Sciences Building 120

Thomas Garza, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor
Director, Texas Language Center and Arabic Flagship Program, U Texas Austin

"Culturally Speaking: Intercultural Communication and Attaining Advanced Proficiency in L2"
Preparing learners for careers that require professional proficiency in a given language demands a reexamination of curricula and materials used in our classrooms. For students of LCTLs, intercultural communication plays an increasingly critical role in move from ACTFL Intermediate to Advanced levels of proficiency. The interrelation between language and culture becomes central in the development and use of materials and the creation of level-appropriate tasks. This talk examines the use of authentic materials and realia in the attainment of intercultural competence and, ultimately, Advanced L2 proficiency.

This talk is part of the Southeast Asia Language Pedagogy Workshop "Southeast Asian Language Teaching: New Directions" an event open to the public. AND
Saturday September 9 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Morrill Hall, Room 106
"Backward Design and Forward Development: Materials for the Proficiency-Based Classroom"