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The FALCON Program offers students the unique opportunity to study Chinese or Japanese in an intensive manner. Please see the Course Offerings tab for details about the program that interests you.

Program Announcement

As of May 31st, 2013, after a long and illustrious run, Cornell University‚Äôs FALCON Program (for Chinese and Japanese) closed permanently.  Its summer Chinese successor, IMPAC, has also closed.  The Department of Asian Studies continues to provide its regular course offerings in Chinese and Japanese throughout the academic year (   The FALCON Facebook page will be active for the FALCON alumni who wish to remain connected.

 Full-year Asian Language CONcentration Program

The Department of Asian Studies' FALCON (Full-year Asian Language CONcentration) Program enables beginning students of Mandarin Chinese or Japanese to study in a concentrated manner over a period of time long enough to gain working proficiency.

Participants have ranged from high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, to professionals outside the academic world. FALCON is a rigorous and intensive program, so all applicants should be highly motivated to learn Chinese or Japanese and be ready to put steady effort into the endeavor.

A number of students who pursue degrees in Asian Studies complete FALCON, finding it helpful to reach a high level of proficiency in Chinese or Japanese without previous study. To pursue graduate work in the language, you would need to continue your studies after FALCON. The advantage of FALCON is that you would be able to do so on your own, using the understanding of the language that you gained here.

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