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"I completed the Cornell Summer FALCON Japanese language program as an adult learner who had already studied Japanese a little during my stints living in Japan.  FALCON is hands-down the best language study program I've ever encountered.  Challenging?  Most certainly (it's Cornell!).  Rewarding?  Absolutely. 

Will you be able to speak in Japanese once summer is over?  Oh yes.  And dreaming in Japanese comes as a bonus.  The textbook, Japanese:  The Spoken Language (Part 1, for Summer FALCON), by Eleanor Jordan and Mari Noda, is brilliant, and the Cornell team handling drill classes and grammar lectures couldn't be better.  The facilities are top-notch too, and Ithaca in summer is beautiful.  Highly recommended. – Paul Werbaneth, Summer 2011

Ezra Cornell sought to found an institution where "any person can find instruction in any study." The FALCON Program has been an example of this motto, as it has seen students from over the world and every economic class join in study of Chinese or Japanese. Please see the links in the menu at left for more information about eligibility, dates and cost, and housing options available.