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Although the FALCON Program is connected to Cornell’s Asian Studies Department, we do not offer coursework in Asian Studies. Please be aware that admission to FALCON is separate from admission to a degree program in Cornell’s Asian Studies department.

Applications are welcome from anyone, regardless of citizenship or student status. Applicants do not need to be enrolled at Cornell University to enroll in FALCON.

All FALCON students earn a certificate of completion and Cornell University credit.

Some students enroll in FALCON in order to satisfy the language requirement for a degree program such as the M.A. in Asian Studies or the B.A. in CAPS (China and Asia-Pacific Studies). You should talk with your adviser about whether FALCON would satisfy your language requirement.

Non-Degree Status:

  • If you have already completed an undergraduate degree at Cornell or elsewhere, and you are interested only in attending FALCON, you will be considered a non-degree graduate applicant.
  • If you are not in a degree program at Cornell, and you have not yet received an undergraduate degree, you will be considered a non-degree undergraduate applicant.
Once you are accepted into FALCON and submit the deposit, it enables us to hold your place in the course.  Once you are registered and enrolled you will be granted the appropriate non-degree status with the University. You do not need to submit an additional application to Cornell.