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 "The FALCON Program helped me to recognize and appreciate how much can be accomplished with discipline and persistence. It helped me get my career started in Japan and to meet my wife (a Japanese national) of over 20-years."- John Papas, Full Year 84-85

FALCONs comprehensive, full-time approach to Japanese instruction is designed to build the linguistic foundation, cultural understanding, and real-world skills that students need to function independently in Japan. No other program offers the same degree of coverage in so short a time.

The full-year program in Japanese consists of an introductory level in the summer, intermediate level in the fall, and advanced level in the spring. Students need not enroll in the entire full-year program to participate in FALCON. Instead, some students enroll in the summer course to get an intensive introduction to the language, then either go to Japan or continue in regular, non-intensive courses.

Students who can demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the language can join the program at non-introductory levels (fall or spring). However, because introductory programs differ widely in content and methodology, completing an introductory course elsewhere does not necessarily enable students to qualify for the intermediate fall FALCON program. Students without the necessary background are normally required to begin their study of Japanese at Cornell in the summer if they do not test into a higher level offered in the fall or spring FALCON courses.