French Language Program

Discover the French Language Program at Cornell, housed in the Department of Romance Studies, and take a virtual tour of
the French-speaking world:

Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Canada, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast,  Burkina Faso, Niger, Senegal,  Mali,  Rwanda,  Belgium,  Guinea,  Chad,  Haiti,  Burundi,  Benin,  Switzerland,  Togo,  Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Gabon,  Comoros, Equatorial Guinea,  Djibouti,  Luxembourg,  Vanuatu,  Seychelles,  and Monaco.

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Language Course Sequence

  • FREN 1210 (Fall only)
    Elementary French, first semester
  • FR 1220 (Spring only)
    Elementary French, second semester
  • FREN 1230
    Continuing French
  • FREN 2060
    French Intermediate Reading and Writing
  • FREN 2090
    French Intermediate Composition and Conversation I
  • FREN 2100 (Spring only)
    Pronunciation of Standard French
  • FREN 2190
    French Intermediate Composition and Conversation II
  • FREN 3010
    Advanced French Composition and Conversation
  • FREN 3050
    Advanced French through Film
  • FREN 3120 (Fall only)
    French Stylistics
  • FREN 3130 (Spring only)
    Advanced French through News
  • FREN 6300 (Spring only)
    French Reading for Graduates

Course Descriptions

Placement Test Information

French Major, Minor and Abroad

  • French Undergraduate Studies
    The Department of Romance Studies offers majors in French Literary Studies and French Cultural Studies, and a minor (also called a concentration) in French Studies
    Information about studying in France with Cornell Abroad
  • Cornell Abroad
    For further information about studying in France with Cornell Abroad
  • French Graduate Studies

Living French in Ithaca