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Financial Aid

Neutral Lending List

Below are lenders that Cornell students have used in the past. The contact information is provided as a service and not as an endorsement of the lender. You may choose one of these or any other lender of your choice.

Tuition Support

IMPAC Summer Scholarship

This is a competitive award distributed by IMPAC. The IMPAC Summer Scholarship was started by a grant from the Freeman Foundation Undergraduate Asian Studies Funding Initiative and continues using IMPAC funds. A limited number of scholarships are available.

You must submit two letters of recommendation and a copy of your academic transcript with the scholarship application no later than March 1st for the Summer Scholarship

                    IMPAC Summer Scholarship Application

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

Graduate students: 

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who will have a bachelor's degree or equivalent by the beginning of the IMPAC program are eligible to apply for the FLAS Fellowship. Each award covers full tuition plus a living stipend. The IMPAC FLAS is designed for beginning and intermediate language learners. These fellowships are administered through Cornell's East Asia Program.

Deadline for receipt of applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation for all FLAS Fellowships is 5:00 pm, Monday, February 4, 2013. You must submit these forms to Cornell's East Asia Program. To be considered for the FLAS Fellowship, you must also apply for IMPAC through the IMPAC office by the February 4th deadline.

                                2013 FLAS Information and Applications

One alternative offered by many private loan companies is a career loan. These loans are designed for students who are not in degree programs, so they often require simple proof of enrollment instead of formal school certification. Please work very carefully with your bank or other funding agency to learn about the requirements for loan certification and approval.

Special notice for non-Cornell undergraduates:  Cornell University's Office of Financial Aid will only certify a private loan for an undergraduate student if they are enrolled in a Cornell degree program.