FLAC and Jumpstart Courses

The Jumpstart courses focus around the academic program and abroad experience of a faculty member's course.  There have been Jumpstart courses in Thai, Indonesian, Tamil, Kannada, Kiswahili, Vietnamese and Spanish. In some cases, students from very small programs have attended a Jumpstart course going to the same country/language.  
In surveys, students have said that the Jumpstart course gave them enough of an introduction to the language and culture so they could use their language and feel more appropriate in the country. 

Semester Language Parent course Course title J Course Name of instructor
F16 Vietnamese ALS3601/ASIAN 3361 Climate Change Awareness and Service Learning in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam VIET 1100
Thuy Tranviet

Spanish CEE2550 AguaClara: Sustainable Water Supply Project SPAN 1501
Martin Broner

Tamil ANTHR 4925 Nilgiris Independent Study TAMIL 1100
Aravind Natarajan
S17 Swahili NS 4620 Global Service Learning Pre-Departure Seminar ASRC 1107
Happiness Bulugu

Spanish  DSOC 4500 Bridges to Community SPAN 1501
Estela Bartol Martin

Kannada ILRIC 4260 India GSL Pre-departure  ILRIC 4260
Meena Madhav Haribal