Technical Information

Video on demand in Noyes Lodge

The LRC offers a Video-on-Demand service for language and related courses in Arts and Sciences.  With this service, students can access an assigned video any time during an assignment period.  They can use any computer station at Noyes Lodge or two rooms in Uris Library, and they can start and stop their own video stream.

Teachers can originate a viewing of a film in our system or request a new film using an online form.  This gives teachers complete control over the times the videos are available and the passwords. Technical processing takes a minimum of two business days for each new DVD and three business days for each new VHS.  Requests for showings of videos already on our system are in force at the time the teacher request is made.  There is an online tutorial that explains the system, though it is fairly simple.

To enter a work into the LRC VOD system, we must work from a published original unless the person submitting the video owns the copyright.  The video must be permanently owned by the university: the teacher, the department or the Cornell library.

A teacher must have a name and password to access the system.  This is the same account as the LRC Account Manager, for workbooks and course pages.  If you do not have such an account, contact Dick Feldman at rf10 or 5-8685.

If you do have a password you can access the system directly online.