Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ १० (Lesson 10) - Exercise

  • They almost fell down ( लड्नु ) from a cliff ( भिर ).
  • Can you eat that much food in the morning?
  • Do you know the name of the highest mountain in the world?
  • She does not like to go to Nepal.
  • I don't feel like playing tennis now.
  • Mount Everest is taller than the Fish-Tail Mountain.
  • What is the name of the longest river?
  • They didn't die of cholera.
  • His father doesn't eat food with his hand.
  • They should not play soccer because they are ill.
  • We don't need to go to listen to the lecture.
  • Kamala must bring her car, otherwise we can't go to New York.
  • If she will not come I will go.
  • If this is not mandatory, we will not study.
  • If you will come to my house I will cook daal bhaat.

Fill in the blanks:
  • म ..... दालभात मन पर्छ ।
  • उ कहिलेपनि रक्सी ........ (खानु) ।
  • अफिस ....... उनीहरु ....... नेपाल जान पैसा दिन्छ ।
  • हामी ........ (कहिलेकाहीँ, सधैं, कहिलेपनि) बजारमा घुम्न जान्छौँ ।

Make three sentences (positive and negative) using need to, have to, should, must and a conditional clause.

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