Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ ११ (Lesson 11) - भाग १ (Part 1 - Vocabulary)


कहाँ / काँ to the place (where one lives)
क्षण / छिन moment
गफ गर्नु to chat, to have a conversation
बाटो road, path
बिग्रिएको broken (or not in working condition)
रे particle indicating uncertain information (see Grammar Notes)
तराई Tarai, the plains of southern Nepal
माफ गर्नु to excuse, to pardon
बिर्सनु to forget
संझिनु to remember
नजिक near, close
एउटा one (for counting things)
सस्तो cheap
महंगो expensive
निर्देशक director
फर्कनु to return, to come back
भिड crowd

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