Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ १४ (Lesson 14) - भाग १ (Part 1 - Vocabulary)


रसमलाई rasmalai, a kind of sweet
उमाल्नु to boil
समाजशास्त्री social scientist, sociologist
अनुसन्धान research
निक्कै very
बिभिन्‍न various, different
फरक फरक किसिमका different kinds
किसिम kind, sort
बाउन ( ब्राह्‌मण ) Brahmin (highest Hindu caste, priestly caste)
क्षेत्री Chhetri (2nd highest Hindu caste, warrior caste)
गुरुङ् Gurung, an ethnic group who speak a Tibeto-Burman language
तामाङ्ग Tamang, an ethnic group who speak a Tibeto-Burman language
दमाई tailor caste (formerly known as 'untouchable')
कामी blacksmith caste (formerly known as 'untouchable')
धामी झाँक्री shaman, traditional healer
चल्नु to run, to work out, to function
अथवा or
जेपनि anything
मामा uncle (maternal)
कानो blind
जाती kind, good
खाना साना food and some eating stuff
जीबन निर्बाह गर्नु to make a living

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