Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ १५ (Lesson 15) - Exercise 2

  • Before he arrives, I would like to clean my apartment.
  • Before coming to Ithaca, where did you used to live?
  • While studying in high school, what subjects used to come easily to you?
  • When eating daal bhaat, I always eat with my hands.
  • Before singing the song at the party, he practiced a lot at home.
  • She had the habit of seeing her grandmother on Sundays.
  • When her grandmother was sick, she used to go to see her three times each week.
  • Before we go, I feel like eating rice and stuff.
  • When you were on the bus yesterday morning, was it very crowded?
  • I used to walk (walk and go) to school every day.
  • Ask someone what s/he used to do when they were in their home country.

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