Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ १५ (Lesson 15) - GRAMMAR NOTES

1) नु भन्दा पहिले 'before doing something', root verb X +भन्दा पहिले 'before doing' root verb X

उदाहरणको लागि:

बिहान स्कुलमा जानु भन्दा पहिले म बिहानको खाजा खान्छु । In the morning, before going to school I eat breakfast.
खाना खानु भन्दा पहिले हात धुनु पर्छ । You should wash your hands before eating.
पानी पर्नु भन्दा पहिले बादल लाग्छ । It becomes cloudy before it rains.
खानु भन्दा पहिले पकाउनु पर्छ । You have to cook before you (can) eat.

2) कृया + दा / दाखेरि while...




दा / दाखेरि = खादा / खादाखेरि while eating


दा / दाखेरि = हुदा / हुदाखेरि while being


दा / दाखेरि = पढ्दा / पढ्दाखेरि while studying


उदाहरणको लागि बाक्‍यमा प्रयोग गर्दा / गर्दाखेरि यसरि प्रयोग गरिन्छ:

(१) खाना खादा / खादाखेरि उ बोलदैन ।

He doesn't speak while he eats.

(२) हिउँ पर्दा / पर्दाखेरि जाडो हुन्छ ।

It becomes cold while it snows.

(३) मार्क सुत्दाखेरि एकदम घुर्छ ।

Mark snores a lot when he sleeps.


By the end of Lesson 15, you should:

  • know and be able to use the structure .... नु भन्दा पहिले
  • know the structure ..... दा / दाखेरि
  • know the past habitual tense and be able to use it in appropriate situations

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