Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ १६ (Lesson 16) - भाग १ (Part 1 - Vocabulary)


टुरिष्ट tourist
विदेशी foreigner
नक्शा map
देश country
कता तिर ? in which direction?
पूर्व east
पश्‍चिम west
उत्तर north
दक्षिण south
ईलाम Ilam
जुम्ला Jumla
मुस्ताङ् Mustang
बिरगञ्‍ज Birgunj
चीन China
भारत India
हिडेर आउनु to come by walking, come on foot
बेर time, duration
बानी habit
कि कसो हो ? is that the way it is?
नत्र otherwise

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