Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ ५ (Lesson 5) - Exercise 2

  • She won't come this evening.
  • They study math.
  • He speaks English.
  • Nowadays I don't go to university.
  • When do you (familiar) return?
  • We will discuss that.
  • You don't read the newspaper?
  • He (polite) rests in the afternoon.
  • She (familiar) writes books.
  • They don't speak Nepali.

Conjugate the present tense of तोक्नु 'to decide, to fix' (as in a date) for all pronouns.

Translation ( को / सँग ):
  • That house doesn't have any windows.
  • Do they have a car?
  • I don't have my book with me.
  • Is this her house?
  • Does he have an older brother?
  • We don't have any coffee at the moment.
  • Her mother is with her.
  • Do you have gloves?


  • Ask someone when they came to America and how long they will be staying.
  • Confirm that a friend went to New York and then ask how (by what means) did s/he go? Find out if they liked the city?
  • Describe the members of your family. Where they are and what they are doing?
  • Ask a friend how old the teacher is. Then confirm this with the teacher.
  • Say that you like apples but that your older sister doesn't.

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