Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ ६ (Lesson 6) - भाग १ (Part 1 - Vocabulary)


सन्चै well, healthy
बजार market
पसल shop, store
मालसामान things, goods
किन्‍नु to buy
बेच्नु to sell
छाता umbrella
किन ? why?
किनभने because
त्यसै just because
यसोभए if so, in this case
त्यसोभए if so, in this case
उसोभए if so, in this case
यसोभएर this being the case, because of this
त्यसोभएर that being the case, because of that
उसोभएर that being the case, because of that
मात्र only
अरु others
चीज stuff, things
फुल egg
हिजो yesterday
अस्ती the day before yesterday
भोली tomorrow
पर्सी the day after tomorrow
अचेल now, these days
साहुजी shopkeeper (male, term of address)
साहुनी shopkeeper (female, term of address)
चुरोट cigarette
बट्टा pack, packet
रुपियाँ rupee(s)
सलाई matches
दिनु to give
लिनु to take
जम्मा altogether, total
पैसा paisa, coins, small change, money
असन टोल Asan Tol, name of a street in Kathmandu
चीज cheese
पाईनु to be available
चामल rice (uncooked)
तर्कारी, तरकारी vegetables
फल fruit
फलफुल fruits
पक्का real, true
पक्का हो ? really?
तर but

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