Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ ७ (Lesson 7) - भाग १ (Part 1 - Vocabulary)


सोध्नु to ask
जवाफ दिनु to answer, to reply
डेरा apartment
कोठा room
चाहिनु to need, to be needed
ठीक छ is okay, fine
खोज्नु to search, to look for
एरोग्राम / हवाइपत्र aerogram
टिकट ticket, stamp
हुलाक post office
भोज party, feast
मान्छे person
त्यसकारण therefore, for that reason
त्यसोभएर because of that, that being the case
मासु meat
पीठो flour
चीजबीज stuff, things
दही yoghurt, curd
सबै all
खाना food
अन्दाजी about
सय hundred
चिट्ठी letter
पठाउनु to send
हप्‍ता week
आउने 'X' the coming 'X' (week, month, year)
गएको 'X' the past 'X' (week, month, year)
दिन day
महिना month
अघि / अगि before, ago
पछि after
एक्लै alone
काम work
सजिलो easy
गाह्रो hard, difficult
थकाई लाग्नु to feel tired
घण्टा hour
नुहाउनु to bathe, wash
जाडो cold (weather)
गर्मी hot (weather)
भोक लाग्नु to feel hungry
चाउचाउ noodles
मोमो momos (Tibetan dumplings)
तर but
एकदम very, really
करिब about
सङ्गित music
त्यति that much
यति this much


Additional impersonal verbs (see grammar notes for explanation):

निन्द्रा लाग्नु to feel sleepy
अल्छी लाग्नु to feel lazy
खुशी लाग्नु to feel happy
तिर्खा लाग्नु to feel thirsty
दिक्क लाग्नु to feel bored, to feel frustrated
अचम्म लाग्नु to feel surprised
दु:ख लाग्नु to feel sorrow, to feel sad
पिर लाग्नु to feel sorry, to feel sad
खोकी लाग्नु to have a cough
रुघा लाग्नु to have a cold
थकाई लाग्नु to feel tired
रमाईलो लाग्नु to feel pleasant
भोक लाग्नु to feel hungry
नरमाईलो लाग्नु to feel unpleasant

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