Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ ८ (Lesson 8) - Exercise

  • I am going to the store.
  • Ithaca is cleaner than New York City.
  • Younger sister, buy some yoghurt from the dairy farm.
  • My younger brother is taller than I am.
  • Oranges are sweeter than limes.
  • He (familiar) is asking the teacher.
  • Are they working in the city?
  • Thai food is the hottest (most spicy) in the world.
  • She (polite) is looking for her book.
  • We are cleaning our apartment.
  • Come inside, younger brother.
  • Are you living with your older brother?

Conjugate the present progressive tense of मान्‍नु (to honor, follow, respect, obey) for all pronouns.

  • Tell a young child to close the window.
  • Ask politely if a group of people speaks English.
  • Ask a shopkeeper if s/he has apples or bananas.
  • You've been asked about your recent travels in Nepal. Say that you liked Kathmandu better than Pokhara, but that Tansen was the nicest of all.

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