Nepali: A Beginner's Primer Conversation and Grammar

पाठ ९ (Lesson 9) - GRAMMAR NOTES

1) सक्नु 'to be able' is often used with the infinitive form of other verbs to express the ability to do something.


म नेपाली लेख्‍न सक्छु I can write Nepali
अहिले उ तपाई सँग भेट्न सक्दैन He can't meet with you now


2) Time expressions:

Minutes before and after the hour are usually expressed as follows:

X बज्न Y मिनेट बाँकी छ Y minutes to X o'clock
X बजेर Y मिनेट गयो Y minutes after X o'clock



दस बज्न चार मिनेट बाँकी छ four minutes to 10 o'clock
दस बजेर आठ मिनेट गयो eight minutes after 10 o'clock

3) एर and एपछि are used to join two consecutive actions: '(verb X) एर ( verb Y)' means 'to do X and then Y,' and often implies that the two actions are interdependent.

The structure is made by dropping -नु and adding एर to the root form of the first verb, and then conjugating the second verb normally.

खानु खाएर
लेख्‍नु लेखेर
जानु गएर
बस्नु बसेर
गर्नु गरेर


उदाहरणको लागि (for example):

I went to the store and bought rice.

म बजार गएँ र मैले चामल किनेँ ।

बजार गएर मैले चामल किनेँ ।

S/he took the book and left.

वहाँले किताब लिनुभयो र वहाँ जानुभयो ।

वहाँ किताब लिएर जानुभयो ।

She comes to the class and learns Nepali.

तिनी कक्षामा आउछिन र तिनी नेपाली सिक्छिन् ।

तिनी कक्षामा आएर नेपाली सिक्छिन् ।


They discuss and write the report.

उनीहरु छलफल गर्छन् र प्रतिवेदन लेख्छन् ।

उनीहरु छलफल गरेर प्रतिवेदन लेख्छन् ।

'(verb X) एपछि ( verb Y)' means 'to do Y after doing X'. This structure is made by dropping -नु and adding एपछि to the root form of the first verb:

खानु खाएपछि
लेख्‍नु लेखेपछि
जानु गएपछि
नाच्नु नाचेपछि (to dance)
जिस्काउनु जिस्काएपछि (to kid, to pick on, to tease)


उदाहरणको लागि (for example): :

He goes to the office after eating daal-bhat.

उ दालभात खान्छ अनि त्यसपछि उ अफिस जान्छ ।

दालभात खाएपछि उ अफिस जान्छ ।

Yesterday after having a discussion, we wrote papers.

हिजो हामीले छलफल गर्यौँ, त्यसपछि हामीले लेख लेख्यौँ ।

हिजो हामीले छलफल गरेपछि लेख लेख्यौँ ।

After dancing an hour, Radhika will go home.

राधिका एक घण्टा नाच्छिन् त्यसपछि तिनी घर जान्छिन् ।

एक घण्टा नाचेपछि राधिका घर जान्छिन् ।

Shyam's father will come after Ram's father comes.

रामको बा आउनुहुन्छ त्यसपछि श्यामको बा आउनुहुन्छ ।

रामको बा आएपछि श्यामको बा आउनुहुन्छ ।


By the end of Lesson 9, you should be able to:

  • use 'able/not able'
  • know the days of the week and the month
  • tell and ask times in Nepali
  • use एर and एपछि structures
  • know the numbers and count up to 70

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