Student Evaluations of the Instructor

Here are some of Cornell student evaluations of the Polish instructor, Ewa BachmiƄska:

- Amazing person, not just teacher. So helpful at any time of the day. My highest regards!

- Essentially flawless. 

- Awesome professor, very patient and explained things clearly. She made the learning experience enjoyable as well as challenging. 

Very knowledgeable on the subject matter and able to lead class efficiently.

- Teacher was extremely enthusiastic, very fun, and engaging.

- I enjoyed the way the class was taught. Having to speak Polish the whole time was different and interesting. Ewa was helpful with that.

Student Evaluations of Polish & Film Courses

Here are some of student evaluations of Polish courses:

- I thought the class was fun and interesting. Not too hard and not too easy.

- Very informative and rewarding class. It has been great.

- The class was very well organized. I enjoyed learning about the culture and I believe my writing improved a lot.