Student Evaluations of the Instructor

Here are some of Cornell student evaluations of the Polish instructor, Ewa Bachmińska:

- An outstanding teacher, and someone I aspire to be like if I am to become a teacher. I cannot say enough how truly wonderful she is (fall 2017). 

- Ewa is the best teacher I've had - genuinely caring about our learning, organized, and motivating (fall 2017). 

- Essentially flawless (spring 2015). 

- Amazing person, not just teacher. So helpful at any time of the day. My highest regards! (fall 2015)

- Awesome professor, very patient and explained things clearly. She made the learning experience enjoyable as well as challenging. 

Very knowledgeable on the subject matter and able to lead class efficiently.

Student Evaluations of Polish & Film Courses

Here are some of student evaluations of Ewa Bachmińska's courses:


- I thought the class was fun and interesting. Not too hard and not too easy.

- Very informative and rewarding class. It has been great. 

Animals in Global Cinema

- The course was very enjoyable. We were educated in a very multicultural style. We learned the importance of treating others with respect - people and animals (fall 2017). 

- I learned that we are a large world with many different cultures and animals are an important part of all of our cultures (fall 2017). 

- This class taught me how to write a paper by brainstorming, asking questions, and finding appropriate research papers (fall 2017). 

East European Film

- The class was very well organized. I enjoyed learning about the culture and I believe my writing improved a lot (spring 2015).