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9:00-9:50Small interactive group, Chinese only, with native speaker.
10:10-11:00Lab work at Cornell's Language Resource Center.
Small interactive group, Chinese only, with native speaker.
1:30-2:20Lecture (in English).
2:35-3:25Small interactive group, Chinese only, with native speaker.
"Check-in": Reading and writing practice, daily quiz.
7:00-10:00 Preparation for next day.

Day-Long Learning

During the summer and fall terms on Cornell's campus, you'll be in class Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 4:30

Each day, you will attend at least three interactive sessions conducted entirely in Chinese, where you'll practice conversational skills. You'll also attend one daily lecture taught in English. This lecture gives you the chance to learn about how the language works and what sorts of challenges you are likely to encounter in your studies. You'll also discuss aspects of contemporary Chinese culture and strategies for studying and learning.

In addition to this structured class time, you'll spend several hours per day on self-directed practice in Cornell's Language Resource Center. The center is equipped with computers, VCRs, and CD players, and is open from early morning until late evening.

This rigorous but rewarding schedule is the foundation of FALCON's approach. Despite the demands, students' energy and spirits remain high bolstered by rapid progress and the strong camaraderie that develops among the group.