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Japanese FALCON Alumni

Japanese FALCON was founded in 1972. Our alumni include Fortune 500 company executives, university professors, and successful entrepreneurs living on nearly every continent.

"For hundreds of years after its decline as a spoken language, students were taught Latin for the simple reason that it would improve their minds. "An incomparable training ground for mental gymnastics," it's been called. For English speakers, Japanese more than compares. At FALCON, you'll dedicate yourself to studying the language with few outside distractions. Follow Professor Sukle's method of instruction, and you'll be a lithe mental gymnast in no time. An added incentive: unlike Latin, Japanese is widely spoken, and has a dynamic publishing industry supporting it. After FALCON, you'll be able to navigate life in Japan, or life as a Japanese expert anywhere. You'll be equipped with the necessary training to take your language skills, both spoken and written, to whatever level you desire. It's up to you." -Ivan Schneider, Full-Year 1988-89

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