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Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center has developed a wide array of web-based language teaching tools. This section of the website is designed to demonstrate some of our projects. Many of these tools are designed with a user interface for teachers to be able to create and change web material without using HTML codes or programming languages.

If you have a question about these tools or would like to use them in your teaching, contact Dick Feldman, Director of the Language Resource Center, or Media Development Manager and Webmaster, Dan Gaibel.

QuickTime must be installed on your computer to view any of our media-based projects. Get Quicktime - free download

Web Audio Lab

Images for recording

Teacher view recordings

Student interface

Teacher record tool

Text to record

Check student recording

Web Audio Lab allows students to listen to/watch media input and/or text and record audio responses as programmed by the teacher. It replaces the tape-based language lab systems in a technologically updated form, while giving greater power and agency to both teacher and student.
Students can work at the programmed pace, listening and recording hands-off. They can also change the time allowed for recording ("pause length"), listen back to their recordings compared to the audio model, and rerecord their responses Their recordings are automatically sent to a server. Students can work at the LRC or access the program from anywhere with a small payment.
Teachers check students' work in a variety of ways. They can simply visually verify that work has been done, on time and completely; they can spot check student recordings (checking just a few difficult questions); or they can listen to every recording by every student. Teachers can then make text comments on student work and/or make an audio recording for students to listen to , commenting on their exercise submission. Students then log on to the web site to check their recordings and view/listen to teacher comments.
The program is now in use by a dozen language programs at Cornell, with more in production.
Web Audio Lab was developed with funding from Cornell's Faculty Innovation in Teaching grant program. The server-based program was written by Slava Paperno, head of the CU Russian Language Program.
Program Pages
The current live Japanese program page

Japanese Program Page

These pages are designed to hold information of interest to prospective students, advisors and others on and off campus. These web pages have an online interface teachers can use to enter information and links as well as update that information themselves. Check out the Update Interface teachers use to edit the pages.

Course Pages
A Spanish course page

Spanish Course Page

The Japanese FALCON course page

Japanese Course Page

Course pages are for prospective students as well as students in the course. The material under the "student info" tab can be password protected while the rest of the page is open to interested students not in the course. Similar to the Program Pages, the course pages offer teachers an easy-to-use interface. The LRC can customize a Course Page to your design. Check out the Update Interface for a course page.
Media Workbooks
A workbook page with French video

French Workbook

A Chinese audio workbook

Chinese Workbook

An English audio workbook with QuickTime chapters

English Workbook

As a complement to our growing online Media Library, the media workbooks are designed to present audio or video along with text questions in the target language. Using any media in our collection or additional material supplied by the teacher, the workbook is created online, similar to the Program and Course Pages. Multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank and essay style questions can be easily written. A separate page presents the teacher with the results of each student's work. Check out the Update Interface, and the View Results page. These tools are being rewritten during 03-04 to include many new features, such as managing of multi-section courses, upload of documents, integration with email, student recordings, etc.
Media Transcripts
Spanish Transcript Page

Spanish Transcript Tool

Another tool that ties into our Media Library is the Media Transcript. These pages present audio or video, along with an optional glossary of terms and transcript of the media. This example is courtesy of Eleanor Dozier.

Animated tools
Burmese Script Animation

Burmese Animation

Using such tools as Macromedia Flash and Director, we welcome projects which make use of cutting edge web technology. When appropriate, web animation can be a stimulating pedogogical tool. This Burmese Script project was created by LRC Production Manager Andrew Page, with Burmese teacher San San Hnin Tun. Click on the letters to see how they are made and to hear the sound.