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Tamil Language Program

This language is currently being offered via videoconference from Columbia University.  students will receive full Cornell credit for the course.  It may be taken for the arts college language requirement. 

The videoconference classes are held in a specially equipped room in Noyes Lodge.  The teacher is present and interactively available thorugh the class period.  Columbia students simultaneously attend.  The environment is very much like a regular face-to-face class.

The Tamil Language

The Tamil language is the language of the Tamil people of India. It is estimated to have over 70 million speakers world wide. It is one of the two Classical Languages of India - the other being Sanskrit - and has official status in Sri Lanka and Singapore. There are also significant speaking populations  in Malaysia, parts of Africa, Fiji, the West Indies, and Mauritius and Reunion Islands.

With over two thousand years of history behind it, the Tamil language has one of the longest unbroken literary traditions known today.

Cornell Area Program Affiliation: South Asia Program

The South Asia Program coordinates teaching, research, and campus activities focusing on the Indian subcontinent, which comprises the modern nations of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Since 1985, Cornell has been in consortium with Syracuse University as a National Resource Center for South Asia. The Program attracts students engaged in regional history and the social sciences, and students are well known for their research on questions concerning the environment, rural inequality and agrarian change, labor market dynamics, economic liberalization, social movements and questions of governance. Through a weekly seminar series, yearly workshops and cultural events, students, faculty and invited speakers exchange ideas, research experiences and on-going research.

Instructor Information

NameSam Sudanandha
DescriptionMr. Sudanandha is an instructor at Columbia University since the course is being taught from there.

The Tamil program is part of the Shared Course Initiative among Cornell, Yale and Columbia.  This program arranges for students at each university to attend classes of the other in certain less commonly taught languages via videoconference.  There are regular meetings with the whole class; Cornell students meet in a special facility in Noyes Lodge, the Language Resource Center.  For specific information, click on the Courses tab.