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Web Audio Lab

FAQ and Known Issues

FAQ for WAL. If you have more questions, send them to rf10

  • Why does the whole course refuse to load?
    Usually this is because you don't have a mic properly connected. Check that your mic works in another program, like Sound Recorder in Windows or Audacity, Skype, etc. in Mac.
  • WAL says my login credentials are wrong.
    Note that you have to use your email address, complete with (or other email provider). If that isn't the problem, check the spelling of your email and check the password you received. If that doesn't work, click on "Retrieve forgotten password" on the login page.
  • Where is the record button?
    Recording is automated in WAL. When you see the red line moving across near the bottom, it is time for you to record. You can record only when that action is programmed.
  • Why can't I record or click "Go On" in Chrome?
    Chrome requires that you give permission in several places to record. Look at the top of your screen; it may be asking for permission. Chrome will work if you give it permission in two places.