Teaching Resources

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The LRC subsribes to PlayPosit, an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers begin with any online video (screencasts, Khan Academy, TED, etc.) and transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for students, with time-embedded activities. PlayPosit integrates with Cornell's LMS Canvas. If you are interested in integrating interactive videos into your classroom practices, email us at cornelllrc@cornell.edu.


SCOLA is a satellite and cable channel that rebroadcasts news and cultural events programs from many languages. You can watch eight SCOLA channels live on the web, download from a seven-day archive of all channels, and see their broadcast schedule on the website. For more information and a password, send an email to Cornell email address with the subject “SCOLA Password” to cornelllrc@cornell.edu.

Equipment Checkout

The LRC has various technologies that are available for checkout for teaching faculty and graduate students. Please contact cornelllrc@cornell.edu at least 3 days in advance for availability and checkout information.

Available equipment includes

  • 12 iPads (with optional wall chargers, lightning/headphone adapters)
  • Video equipment (camcorders, webcams, tripods, microphones)
  • Audio equipment (microphones, mixers, standalone recorders)
  • Cables & adapters (converters for video, audio, USB, and more)
  • Video players & disc drives (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS)

Library Resources

The library offers various resources to support language teaching and learning at Cornell.

Johnson Museum Resources

The Johnson Museum hosts around four hundred Cornell class sessions from more than fifty departments and programs every academic year. In addition to focusing on current exhibitions, they help design and lead class sessions in their permanent collection galleries and classrooms, using works of art from their global collection spanning 6,000 years, six continents, and more than 35,000 objects. They also have various sample lesson plans, activities, and worksheets posted in their website.

Language Requirement and Placement

For details about the language requirement in the College of Arts & Sciences and information about language placement, please refer to the Arts & Sciences website.

Languages @ Cornell

Over 50 languages are offered at Cornell (current list of available languages available for study). All language programs are located in eight departments/programs within the College of Arts & Sciences. Some courses are taught through the Shared Course Initiative, an agreement with Columbia and Yale to share instruction in the less commonly taught languages using videoconference technology.