Conversation Hours

The LRC hosts conversation hours in many languages, some in collaboration with the language departments. These are led by speakers of the target language and offer an opportunity to use a language you are learning, outside of class, in an informal, low-pressure atmosphere. They are open to any learner, but are probably most useful to those at an intermediate level or above. Gain confidence through experience! Just using your new language skills helps you learn more than you might think, without instruction or correction. Come to Conversation Hour in your language and have fun! If you are learning a language we don't have a conversation hour in, find a group of learners and we'll help set it up. See us in G04 Stimson Hall during the day or send us an email at to get started. Conversation Hours are open to the public. Campus visitors and members of the public must adhere to Cornell's public health requirements for events.

We also have a variety of board games available for checkout (for a complete list of games, check our LRC library holdings)!

Spring 2024 Schedule

Conversation Hours start on Monday, February 5 and run through the last day of instruction on Tuesday, May 7 unless noted otherwise. There are no sessions during February Break (2/24-27) and Spring Break (3/30-4/7). We are in the process of scheduling additional spring hours, so please check back for more details and follow us on social media (@CornellLRC).
Conversation Hours meet in G25 Stimson Hall unless noted otherwise.
All times are ET.

Language Date, Time, & Location Facilitator
American Sign Language (ASL) Wednesdays, 4:15-5:15 pm Nora Owen
Arabic Wednesdays, 6-7 pm
meets on 2/7, 2/21, 3/6, 3/20, 4/10, 4/24
Suzanna Moustafa & 
Mohammad Al-Labadi
Armenian Mondays, 6-7 pm Armen Abrahamian
Bengali Mondays, 12-1 pm Nahida Sultana
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS) Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 pm Admir Cekic
Cantonese Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 pm
no session 2/28
Wilson Kan &
Toby Yung
Dutch Mondays, 5-6 pm Noah Duguma
English Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 pm Serene Wang
French Wednesdays, 4-5 pm Sofía Restrepo
Georgian Wednesdays, 4-5 pm (on Zoom)
meets on 2/7, 2/21, 3/6, 3/20, 4/10, 4/24
Suzanna Moustafa
German (Sprachcafé*) Mondays, 5-6 pm (Big Red Barn)
starts 1/29
Nicolau Spadoni &
Spencer Hadley
Greek Fridays, 2-3 pm
meets on 3/1, 3/15, 3/22, 4/12, 4/26
Tasos Stefanou
Gujarati Sundays, 4-5 pm
meets on 2/4, 2/18, 3/3, 3/17, 4/14, 4/28
Naiya Patel
Hindi Sundays, 4-5 pm
meets on 2/4, 2/18, 3/3, 3/17, 4/14, 4/28
Naiya Patel
Irish Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 pm Vishnu Pusarapu
Italian Mondays, 12-1 pm Jenny Cook
Japanese Fridays, 3-4 pm Bora ShinTami Takada, &
Sara Goto
Khmer/Cambodian Thursdays, 3-4 pm
no session on 2/22
Chhoeng Chau
Korean Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm
no session on 2/21
Doyeon Kong & 
Huieun Do
Latin Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 pm Charlie Preston
Mandarin Tuesdays, 4-5 pm April Chen &
Toby Yung
Nepali Wednesdays, 5-6 pm Reshma Niraula
Nepali Fridays, 1-2 pm Prashant Pandey
Norwegian Thursdays, 5-6 pm
no session on 2/29
Sarah Uttormark
Polish Tuesdays, 7-8 pm Jeremi Urbaniak
Polish Sundays, 3-4 pm Barbara Batycka
Portuguese Mondays, 11 am - 12 pm (on Zoom) Marina Karam
Romanian Fridays, 3-4 pm
meets on 2/9, 3/1, 3/22, 4/19
Patricia Young
Russian Thursdays, 5-6 pm Arina Danilina
Spanish Tuesdays, 6-7 pm Ines Brun
Swahili Fridays, 2-3:30 pm (G12 and on Zoom)
meets on 3/1, 4/12, 5/3
Elirehema Mejooli
Telugu Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 pm Vishnu Pusarapu
Thai Tuesdays, 5-6 pm (on Zoom) June Boonyanuphong
Turkish Mondays, 5-6 pm Banu Ozer Griffin
Ukrainian Fridays, 2:30-3:30 pm
meets on 2/9, 2/23, 3/15, 3/22, 4/19, 5/3
Krystyna Golovakova
Vietnamese Thursdays, 3-4 pm Trung-Nghia Le
Yiddish Fridays, 12-1 pm (on Zoom)
starts 1/19
David Forman
Yoruba Tuesdays, 4-5 pm Okiki Fagbamigbe,
Rachel Makinde, &
Muyiwa Oni
*Organized by the German Studies Department.
Current as of 2/28/2024
Subject to change