Language Tutoring

Need some help with your language class? The LRC offers language tutoring in collaboration with the Learning Strategies Center (LSC) during fall and spring semesters. Free peer tutoring is available to all Cornell undergraduate students in ASL, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Schedule and details are available on the LSC Language Tutoring page.

Get direct practice in a low-stakes peer-facilitated environment. Learn how to focus your studying on the areas you specifically need to work on.

Free peer tutoring in Spring 2022 is available for students enrolled in the following courses: 

  • ASL 1101/1102/2201/2202
  • CHIN 1102/1122/1124/2202
  • FREN 1220/1230
  • GERST 1210/2000/2060
  • ITAL 1202/1401
  • JAPAN 1102/2202
  • RUSSA 1104/1122/1126/1132/2204
  • SPAN 1220/1230/2000/3325/4755

Tutoring for Spring 2022 will begin Sunday, January 30 on Zoom. The first 2 weeks of the spring semester will be remote; therefore, language tutoring will also be online. Starting February 7, language tutoring will resume in person in G25 Stimson Hall. There is no tutoring during February Break (2/27-3/1) and Spring Break (4/3-4/10). The last day for language tutoring is Tuesday, May 10.

Spring 2022 Schedule

7-9 pm
4-6 pm
G25 Stimson
4-6 pm
G25 Stimson
4:30-6:30 pm
and 8-10 pm
ASL (4-6pm)
French (conversation)
ASL (4:15-6:15pm on Zoom)
Chinese (4:45-6pm)
French (5-6pm)
German (until 2/21/22)
Italian (4-5pm)
German (until 2/22/22)
Italian (5-6pm)
Russian (4:15-6pm)
ASL (1102 only)

All times are ET.

Self-enroll in the language tutoring Canvas course.

Looking for more ways to be an effective (language) learner? The LSC has tips, tricks, and strategies on

Check out the LSC study skills tips YouTube Playlist. Hear from LSC peer experts on academic success, preparing for exams, self-care, asynchronous classes, back to back or clustered exams, Zoom fatigue, and more! 

If your language is not offered, come to our Conversation Hours and check out Language Corners.