The LRC has specially equipped spaces on the ground floor of Stimson Hall that may be scheduled for particular language class needs. Calendars are linked below; please click on the room number for each space.

Video Classrooms (G12, G24A, G24B, G24C)

Our four video classrooms use state-of-the-art technology to connect students and teachers from around the country and the world. Cornell partners with Columbia and Yale to offer shared courses in less commonly taught languages such as Czech, Dutch, Punjabi, Sinhala, Yoruba, and many more. Each video classroom is also outfitted for presentations and classroom recording, configurable by touchscreen and remote control. Room capacity of the video classrooms is 6, 17, 14, and 2 respectively.

Learning Space (G25)

The heart of the Language Resource Center, the multi-functional Learning Space in G25 Stimson is our main public area. In addition to five lab computers equipped with noise-canceling headsets (as well as additional machines in the adjacent computer classroom), the space features a variety of furniture, screens, and audio equipment, enabling presentations, group discussion, film showings, and individual work — sometimes simultaneously! Additional headphones are available for check-out for students working on their own laptops. Room capacity is 43.

Computer Classroom (G27)

The G27 computer classroom is a public lab space containing 14 iMacs, each equipped with noise-canceling headsets for language work. The room can also be reserved for classes and presentations. The instructor station includes a Mac, wall-mounted monitor, document camera, and an optional wireless microphone. Room capacity is 28.

Recording Studio (G03)

The LRC’s media studio in G03 Stimson is a 12-input, Logic-based digital audio facility, containing an acoustically treated booth and a selection of high-quality microphones. An optimal space for recording spoken-word material, our studio is used to create various educational materials, including dialogue for Web Audio Lab and the LRC podcast, Speaking of Language. We provide this service free of charge to Cornell language teachers and students. We also welcome use of the space by other members of the Cornell community as availability allows.

Videobooth (G05)

The videobooth in G05 Stimson is a dedicated space for one or two people to record their speech and conversation in a quiet environment. 

For more information or to schedule a space, please contact Sam Lupowitz.