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Thank you for presenting at Cornell World Languages Day. We are excited to have you share your passion for languages, cultures, and global issues with the participating middle and high school students on October 21, 2023.

Tips for a Successful World Languages Day Session

Here are some helpful tips on writing engaging descriptions and developing highly interactive sessions for a high school audience.

Getting started 

  • Look over sample session descriptions to get ideas: https://lrc.cornell.edu/wld-sample-sessions.  
  • Questions to think about:
    • How can you fully engage high school students in your session?
    • What are your goals for the session? What do you want the students to learn? To remember? 
    • What is interesting, unique, or useful about learning your language/culture/topic?
    • Are there ways that you can link your topic to topics already familiar to students?

Some important ideas for the format of your session

  • Let students participate rather than simply telling them about something.
  • Actively involve the students in the session.
    • Have them make a traditional craft, learn a dance, respond to questions in the target language.
    • Incorporate music, food, or cultural artifacts into your presentation
    • Use visual aids (video clips, posters, textiles, realia).
    • Teach a mini language lesson.
    • Have them ask questions of (student) panelists.
  • Consider breaking up your session into smaller parts to help keep students’ attention and help with the flow of the session.

Writing your title and session description 

  • Remember the audience: This is not an academic conference proposal. High school students will be reading your description and deciding if they want to attend your session based on what you write. 
  • Below are examples of descriptions for the same session. The first example is NOT engaging. The second example is the description re-written to attract a high-school audience. 
    • Improve your [target language] (BAD Example)
      In this session the presenter will discuss how to improve your [TL] grammar skills. Current research will be used to illustrate how grammar can be learned efficiently. Examples will be shared with the audience. 
    • Have fun improving your [target language] (GOOD example)
      Would you like to improve your [TL] grammar skills? Do you like to have fun? If you answered both of these questions with yes, join us for this interactive [TL] session. We will play various paper and technology-based games to practice and deepen your [TL] language skills and your cultural knowledge. Be prepared to have fun!

Planning your session

  • Welcome students to campus and encourage them to consider going to college and studying your language. Be a Cornell ambassador!
  • Introduce yourself and your connection with the target language/culture/topic.
  • Tell students the goal(s) of the session so they know what to expect.
  • Consider including a warm-up or ice-breaker activity. 
  • Consider teaching a few words or phrases of your target language(s) even if language learning is not the focus of your session.
  • Give students a chance to demonstrate what they have learned.
  • Allow time at the end for student questions.
  • NOTE: If you are presenting in session 3 (1:45-2:35), we added 10 minutes to your slot to give students time to complete the evaluation forms they have in their bags. Your session volunteer will remind you about this.

Logistics and hints for a smooth presentation

  • Run through your presentation in advance to check timing and to make sure it will go smoothly. The volunteer who is assigned to your session will monitor the time and will give you a 5-minute warning. No matter how exciting the presentation, the day is packed and the next session must start on time. 
  • Remember to have a back-up plan in case there are unforeseen technical difficulties with AV equipment. 

On the day of your session 

  • Arrive at least 25 minutes in advance to check in with the presenter coordinator (Klarman Atrium), find your session room (will be emailed to you ahead of time), and make sure everything is in order for your session.
  • Use the entire 40 minutes allotted for your session (have extra activities prepared just in case).
  • A volunteer will be assigned to your room to help things run smoothly.
  • Have fun! Based on student feedback from other WLDs, energy and enthusiasm on the part of presenters is contagious – if you are excited about what you are sharing, the students will be, too! 

Ready to submit your session description? 

We look forward to seeing you at World Languages Day on October 21, 2023! If you have questions, please email us at worldlangday@cornell.edu.