WLD Sessions 2023

2023 Session Descriptions

We are excited to welcome you to campus for Cornell World Languages Day. The day will be packed with fun activities around languages, cultures, and all things global. To structure your day, you will select one track during your online registration (each track has 3 sessions). The tracks are listed below, along with session descriptions. We look forward to meeting you on October 21!

WLD tracks

Track A American Sign Language Turkish German
Track B French American Sign Language Latin
Track C Korean K-Pop Southeast Asia Game Show African languages
Track D Ukrainian Korean Drums Bengali


Session descriptions

Experience Africa through the lens of language learning
You’ve probably heard “hakuna matata” “safari” and “simba.” Did you know these words and phrases are from an African language? In this session, we will practice greetings and simple phrases in Yoruba and Swahili. Greetings are essential to establish rapport in the African context. So join us to find out what “kaarọ“ “mama mi“ or “bawo ni“ mean. The session will also answer questions on what it means to learn an African language at a university. Be prepared to dance to African music!


Amaze your peers. Baffle your elders. Learn ASL!
Gain a superpower learning American Sign Language (ASL)! You could use ASL underwater, sign in noisy environments, through windows, and occasionally in secret. Did you know there are over 140 signed languages around the world? You will learn some ASL basics including fingerspelling, greetings, some common phrases, and play games popular in the Deaf community.


Bangladesh: Land of rivers, food, and festivals 
Did you know Bangladesh is home to 172 million people, the 8th largest population in the world? Can you tell how big the country is compared to the USA? Come and learn about the lives of the people in this land of 700 rivers, the food they eat, and the festivals they celebrate. Learn to write your name in Bangla, a few phrases, and win prizes.


Oh, the places you'll go! Languages = Superpowers (French)
Would you like to know how powerful languages can be? Places you never imagined they could take you? Are you ready to travel the world, discover new cultures, meet new friends? We will have fun with games and learn some interesting facts about the French language. 
On se voit là-bas!


German popular music from jazz to Kraut-Rock to hip-hop
When you hear the phrase "German Music," you're likely to first think of Bach or Beethoven – or maybe oompah music or Rammstein. Did you know that Germany also has a long, diverse, and fascinating history of popular music beyond mere importation of music from the US, UK, or elsewhere? From Berlin's Jazz Age in Weimar-era Germany to genre-bending "Kraut-Rock" in the 1970s to German hip-hop from the 1990s to the present, you will listen to and learn about snippets from the rich history of popular music in Germany over the past 100 years. In the process, you'll learn a thing or two about lesser-known elements of German cultural history as well.  


케이팝 – K-pop dance training (Korean K-Pop)
Learn the choreography to a fun Korean pop song: Seven by Jungkook! K-pop has grown in influence around the world, especially recently with groups like BTS, Blackpink, and NewJeans making global headlines. See what it takes to master a dance and groove to the beat like a K-pop star! No prior dance experience is necessary!


Feel the rhythm with Shimtah (Korean Drums)
Come and learn about Korean music before the era of K-Pop. It involves carefully coordinated movements and cues, beating of the drums, and hitting gongs of various sizes. Are you ready to make some music?


Latin lives! Vivat Latina!
For way too long, Latin has been taught as a “dead” language. The fact is that Latin is no less alive today than any modern language. Come discover if, how, and why Latin can – indeed must – be taught and learned in a “living” way. Only by listening, speaking, writing, and reading Latin can students achieve full fluency.


Languages of Southeast Asia: The Gameshow!
Have you ever wanted to be a contestant on a game show? Do you think you know a lot about languages? Do you want to learn more about the many languages spoken in Southeast Asia? Test your knowledge and find out a thing or two about different languages.


Turkish Delight: Revealing the gems of Turkey's past and present
Step aboard for an enchanting journey with "Turkish Delight" where you will have a delightful bite into Turkey's captivating history and vibrant contemporary culture. This session unveils the hidden treasures of Türkçe while immersing you in the richness of Turkey's past and present. Join us for a delectable adventure that promises to uncover the gems of Turkey's heritage, spanning from Catalhoyuk to the Ottoman Empire. Get ready to savor the delights of Turkish language and culture!


The "Carol of the Bells": An unknown story of a well-known Ukrainian song
On Christmas Eve, the "Carol of the Bells" is played both in private homes and the largest concert halls all around the world. Shchedryk, the Ukrainian folk tune, on the basis of which Mykola Leontovich created this legendary song, has been inspiring and uniting people of different nationalities for more than a century. But only a few people know that this song has also become a symbol of the deep struggle of Ukrainians for independence from Russia. You will learn more about this unprecedented case of the cultural diplomacy, tragic fate of its composer, and how this song became so popular in the USA.